My new year photography resolutions. What’s yours?

My new year photography resolutions. What’s yours?

it’s that time of year when your friends and family bug you for your new year’s resolutions. you might be considering going to the gym more often or stop biting your nails. instead you might use the new year to make some more happy memories!

Despite the situation with the coronavirus, 2020 was quite busy for me. The constant drive to create, to try, to improve and to learn, gave me a lot of different feelings (from frustrations to a joy overload).

Now, when we are saying goodbye to 2020, I can breathe with a smile on my face. The biggest lesson I have learned in 2020 was to not give up. I had quite some photo crises this year.

Let’s organise the pictures

Developing my style almost dragged me to the edge of my photo existence. I have to admit that it is still on going project. To be continued in 2021. What is my goal of 2021 (except my photo self development)? To finally organise files on my laptop as it’s a bigggggg messssss….

I’ve created memories. What’s your goal for 2021?

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